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We offer various online 4D lottery betting from companies such as Magnum 4D, Damacai, ToTo 4D, Singapore, Sabah, STC, Cashsweep, LUCKY HARI HARI. We also provide a wide range of 4D gameplay methods, including big bet, small bet, straight, permutate, roll and reverse.

4D is a popular lottery draw game in Malaysia and Singapore. A 4D lottery ticket is formed from a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999. It has a total of 10,000 different four-digit numbers. If the 4 digit numbers of your choice are revealed as the winning number in the 4D results, you win the draw. 4D Malaysia lottery shops are scattered all over the country. However, placing bets can be quite a tedious process. Not only you have to locate these shops and place your bets individually with each of these companies, but you also need to make your bets before 7 PM. To bet lotto 4D conveniently at any time and anywhere, you should give EKOR a try. EKOR offers a higher winning 4D odds and you can simply place your bets using your mobile device.




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Ekor offers the industry's highest odds. The 1st prize for big bet odds is at 3500 and small bet odds are at 5000. You can check out the table below for more details and go to Bet1 to place your bets.

Malaysia 4D Lottery, Ekor Lottery, Winbox 4d Payout


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Ekor Lottery Malaysia in 2023!


Lottery games are popular in Malaysia, and ekor lottery Malaysia is no exception. There are 100 numbers that you can pick from 1 to 100 that players can choose from. Prizes are awarded if the number they matched was drawn. There are three draws a day, so players have plenty of opportunities to play and win. Whether you're looking for ekor lottery Malaysia games or high-stakes games, we have 4d lottery game that will suit your budget.

4D Lotto Online Game Malaysia

The online lottery games Malaysia will give you a more challenging lottery experience. To play this game, you must choose a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999.

There are two types of bets available for players: the Big bet and the Small bet. It is required that all four numbers in the exact order be matched in the Big Bet. Even if they do not match all four numbers exactly, they can win a prize if they choose the Small bet. Players have the chance to win big twice a week with lotto games Malaysia.

Get Instant Malaysia Lottery Result

Keeping up with the latest online lottery games Malaysia is easy with Besides lottery result Malaysia results, you can find information about the Malaysia 4d lottery and much more on our website. In order to make sure you're getting the latest Malaysia 4d result, we update them as soon as they become available.


What are the requirements for playing a lottery online on in Malaysia?

Creating an account on is the first step to playing Malaysia lottery result. We offer a wide selection of games to choose from once you create an account. Playing is as easy as selecting your numbers and placing your bet.

Is a safe site to play online lottery games?

There is no risk involved in playing lottery games online on in Malaysia. We protect our players' financial and personal information with state-of-the-art security measures. To ensure a fair and transparent game playing experience, we ensure that our games are fair and transparent.

Win Rewards at Malaysia 4D lottery

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At our casino, every casino player can win the lottery games easily. There are no such rules playing the lottery games.

Why is playing the lottery fun?

Playing lottery games is fun because they have a simple gaming process. Everyone can easily get the games to play the casino. There are no specific rules for playing lottery games online.

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